Friday, 13 February 2009

Please help support the fund raising effort on for the people in Australia (Australian Bushfire Fund)

Have this evening received this message from my cousin who lives just outside Melbourne:

"The fires are about half an hour drive away from where we live. There is thick smoke everywhere across Melbourne today. The moon has turned to dark Red tonight.

Some friends of ours are evacuating their home a second time after the fire has come close to there home,,,only 3 blocks down the road.

Nearly 200 people are dead including little children

My wife and I have shed tears a few times after seeing the devastation.

We are not safe either,,,,we are surrounded by dry grass fields everywhere, a few minutes outside of melbourne City.

Yes it is bad here. More hot weather next week,,,making the situation even worse. Our coal fired Power stations are threatened too.

Please remember us all in your prayers as we face the worst disaster in the history of our State of Victoria.

Meanwhile to the North,,,the State of Queensland is flooded in parts and many people have drowned, lost their homes and disease is spreading.

Thankyou for thinking of us. I will let you know of any news if we happen to be evacuated.

Diggers Rest Community Church, Diggers Rest"
Please help support the fund raising effort on  for the people in Australia (Australian Bushfire Fund) -

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